My name is Sarah Kirkpatrick. I started this page because I love to travel, take photos, and share – why not capture those all in one place!

I travel a few times a year. Sometimes only a couple cities away, sometimes a few countries away. Either way, I try to capture all of the beauty, culture, hardship, and truth that I see. For the most part I keep it positive because we all need a little more of that in our lives, but I hope to really dig deeper in my travels to countries that face difficulties.

Many people say you will miss things if you are constantly looking through a lens, but, on the contrary, I see so much more (especially with my telephoto lens). I have the memory of a goldfish a lot of the time and my photos are what bring me back to the places I’ve been, and I hope they bring you there too.


After going through and editing all of my photos I started to think “man, this one would look awesome framed in a bathroom”, “This one would be amazing on canvas”, “these two would look great side by side in a hallway”. So, I decided to watermark them and put them up for sale.

All of my photographs are available for purchase.


High-Res Jpegs – $20
– These will be emailed or sent via dropbox and will contain a watermark

Printed & Canvas options available. Please contact for prices and timing.


Otherwise, just stick around for a while and enjoy the scenery đŸ™‚
Happy travels!