A Full Moon on Heart Mountain – Cheeky Exploits

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Travel Trend Alert: Get Cheeky!

What’s the latest trend in travel? Baring it all for the camera. Travelers everywhere are hopping on board this fun and *Cheeky* travel trend and mooning the camera in beautiful locations. That’s right… pants down, bums out wherever you find yourself.

We decided to jump on the bandwagon as well and pantsed ourselves at the top of Heart Mountain, just outside of Canmore Alberta in Canada. It was 1 year since the first time we climbed it (which was one of our first dates) and was one of our favourite (and easy) scrambles. The scenery was beautiful and we were glossy as can be after a few hours of climbing – the perfect opportunity to shine!

Cheeky Exploits

We were hoping to get picked up by Cheeky Exploits, which didnt happen, but I have my own travel blog… SO WHO NEEDS THEM! (Cheeky exploits… if you are reading this… @travelphotolenses┬áis waiting for you to share our nudity. Pa-leaseeeeeeee.


Who wore it best?

Cheeky Exploits, Sarah mooning heart mountain

Cheeky Exploits, Miguel mooning heart mountain

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