Puerto Penasco, Mexico

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I regret to inform you that I forgot my Canon T2i at home. I do, however, have my phone so I have been trying to take pictures with that. There are so many photo opportunities in the small towns throughout Mexico that it was quite disheartening when I realized how limited I was when visiting Puerto Penasco.

Today I saw an adorable fishing scene with 3 men in a boat, I even watched them pull in a catch. It would have been a lovely photo if I had my telephoto lens but, alas, I simply had to snap the picture with my memory for that one.

I have managed to grab a few shots that I will upload in due time and I hope they capture at least the basis of what Puerto Penasco has to offer. From beautiful white sandy beaches to impoverished side streets and all that stands in between, it is a magnificent culture to observe.


I won’t lie. The stray dog aspect of the trip has been a difficult pill to swallow and if I had the choice and capacity I would already be 100 dogs richer. It is nice to see, though, that there are ads for adoption in restaurants and various shelters around town. That being said, I learned something I did not think about before… Euthanasia is expensive and the shelters are high-kill shelters… I won’t get into details… but next time I go down I’m bringing dog food and possibly a minivan to fill with strays.



Adorable taco stand in Puerto Penasco

Chuy’s Tacos

I like to support the locals whenever possible and the small taco stands we have hit are ideal. Whether or not my refried beans, cheese, and rice are authentic or just a way to appease the tourists is up for debate, but I love the experience overall. The boys were in love with a place called “Chuy”‘s. They loved the Carne Asada (cooked meet) tacos.

Sit down Mexican restaurant in Pureto Penasco

La Curva Restaurant

I, however, loved “La Curva”, a larger sit down restaurant only 20 minutes from the condo. Their special is all I wanted from my Mexican adventure, which I’m sure you guessed was refriend beans, rice, guacamole, sour cream, and cheese enchiladas. Oh, and the chips to start – Drizzled in some heart-unhealthy cheese and sour cream; free with your meal – and forcing you to take most of your meal to go.

Let me show you:

The special at La Curva. My dream dish.

La Curva Special









Moving on,

We continued on to renting quads (or 4-wheelers, whatever you want to call them) after letting the 26lbs. of food we inhaled digest. Driving through the town is a strange experience but not at all out of the ordinary here. A few blocks down we veered right and went up and over a sand dune, revealing a sandy, dirty, jumpy, slidey, crazy quad park. The weird thing? It wasn’t really a park… I think it was just… desert on the side of the road… that people ventured into when they were tired of driving on pavement? I’m not sure.. but we took that to a nearby bar (where I did not drink) for a breather and to massage our bums after the ‘only slightly’ bumpy ride.


In the end, what happens in Mexico stays in Mexico… not because I have secrets… but because whatever was okay there is likely not legal anywhere else.

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