World Elephant Day – 7 ways to help elephants

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I wanted to write a post about something that was extremely near and dear to my heart.

Elephants have always been my favourite animal. I love their ability to be so powerful and, yet, have the ability to be so gentle. They grieve their friends and family for 7 days and even burry their dead with twigs and branches (see a great story about mourning here – Elephants > human). They are so much more than their tusks and also so much more than a tourist piggy back ride.¬†These majestic and wonderful creates are most certainly one of those creatures whose extinction would rattle the world, whose presence would be missed, and whose value would only later be appreciated. But that does not have to happen if we all take a pledge to do what we can to protect them. Once you do so you will receive some badges to share at will (and will you shall) to spread the word and raise awareness. But until then, you can use mine ūüôā


7 ways to help elephants:

1) Sign petitions to save their lives ( has many)

2) Boycott organizations who use elephants for profit (circus’, wildlife parks, zoos). Instead visit sanctuaries and places where they are treated fairly and are free to roam and live their lives.

3) Use social media. Keep your eyes out for elephant organizations that need support or stories that need awareness and do your part in sharing the story. #worldelephantday #every15minutes #savetheelephants

4) Do not buy anything with ivory. Whether it is new or old, the purchasing of ivory effects everyone negatively. New ivory¬†enables poaching directly, and old ivory shows that you support the trade (like furs) and encourages the ‘fad’.

5) Buy elephant friendly goods. Coffee and wood can be extremely damaging to elephant habitats. Do your research and purchase goods that do not directly effect these wonderful landscapes and creatures.

6) Donate. Support conservation efforts in any way you are able to. There are a bunch of worthy causes out there that are doing their part to help elephants directly.

7) Adopt an elephant. Every year for Christmas I ask that a donation be made to the WWF to adopt an elephant. In return I get an adorable stuffy and some stickers (though I also wish that they would save those and put the money towards the animals).

Bonus: Better yet. ¬†Volunteer! There are a few elephant orphanages and sanctuaries who need help. ¬†I’m currently raising money so I can do just that!¬† Any support would be greatly appreciated.¬†


And some good news to end this article: President Obama Announces New Restrictions on the US Ivory Trade. It all helps!


  1. 2. I would avoid blanket statements and rather say to do your research in all cases. Some zoos and wildlife parks, if they are doing their jobs, are non profits which provide great care for their animals and actively participate in wildlife conservation efforts, including breeding programs and rescues, and some sanctuaries advertise themselves as such, but exist solely for tourists to get that sanctuary type experience- in some cases, they may have even captured wild animals (including elephants) to put in their ‘ sanctuaries.’ So, just be careful- a name doesn’t guarantee anything!

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    • You are 100% right, as usual.

      Research is key for these types of things. We can hope that the lives and happiness of the animals is always the priority, but sadly it may not be. So make sure to visit places where you know their goals are for the betterment of animals and their future.

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